More Sewage from Mulvaney

We don’t typically talk about such things, but in this context it’s warranted . . . . Because, literally, Mulvaney is bringing more poop into South Carolina!

Sources tell us that after a poll conducted by Mulvaney’s camp last Tuesday night, Mulvaney learned that the Edenmoor ad (below) was resonating with voters who have a low tolerance for deceit and ethical lapses.  So, in true Mulvaney fashion, on Wednesday he called a press conference to “set the record straight.”

As you can see on Youtube, Mulvaney’s press conference appears to be nothing less than you’d expect.  Sources tell us he shut out some members of the public and press.  You can see on the video a tired, pale, and floundering Mulvaney who slumps behind a table – at times looking as if he may crawl under it – and at other times as if he might take a swing a someone.  He waves papers in the air – presumably as proof of something – and quickly hides them before they can be read.

And when the question / answer time begins . . . well, break out the popcorn and watch Micky implode! 

Some folks who watch the video of the press conference may conclude that it’s not so much what he did say as what he didn’t.  True, Mulvaney refused to say a lot.  He refused to dislcose how much he made on the land scheme.  He refused to say what expenses he had that would have reduced his profit (except to point out several times that he “never turned any dirt”).  He refused to talk about the statements he had made to the County Council promising that he would continue to be involved and that the new developer would be his “partner” – except to opine that perhaps the famous audio of the speech he made before County Council was fabricated to sound like him (and, presumably, like the Councilmembers who were also featured on the tape).  Then, seeming to realize how ridiculous his assertion sounded, he backed up and said he hadn’t heard it. 

Just as he was seeming to realize that he was only digging himself deeper, Mulvaney abruptly cut off questions, stood up, and ended the press conference.

That sure leaves a lot unsaid.  But - make no mistake - there was also a lot said.  If we thought we knew about Edenmoor, Mulvaney sure schooled us with this press conference.  You would think he was trying to throw the game! 

One lingering question had always been why did Mulvaney “partner” with the owner of the adjacent development in North Carolina - and how did he get such a huge price of $14Million from them?  One possible answer was that these revenue bonds he convinced County Council to issue were not allowed by the North Carolina General Assembly.  Could it be that the bonds issued for the South Carolina development were being used to finish the North Carolina side called Millbridge?  Unless Mulvaney and the partner want to tell us, we’ll never know – but the North Carolina side does look a lot better.  I'm just saying'.

But in Mickey's brilliantly conceived press conference, we learned that the primary reason for this lucrative “partnership” was much stinkier.   Mr. Mulvaney told us straight out how he was able to convince this “partner” – who was already in deep financial trouble – to pay him $14 Million for the St. Katherine / Edenmoor land.

You see, Union County North Carolina had run out of sewer treatment capacity and could not handle the sewage that would be generated from the North Carolina Millbridge community.  The developer’s only hope  was to “partner” with Mulvaney and run that sewage through Mulvaney’s property into South Carolina to be treated in our sewer treatment plant. . . .(screeeech) . . . Wait!– Did he mean to say that?  Surely we got it wrong!  After spending all this time trying to convince people he was innocent, why would Mickey add weight to his already sinking ship?  Surely we’re mis-characterizing what he said, right?  Well, let’s look at Mickey's exact words:

Mick Mulvaney :  “Millbridge is across the way. Uh, for those of you who follow local developments and so forth, um, Union County at that time was out of sewer capacity.  And they had not obtained enough sewer capacity to finish the development of Millbridge and, um, they had, um, figured out a way to get the sewer into the, um, into the pump station that was on St. Katherine.  So they put those two together and pumped the sewer over into the River, uh, River Road, uh, Lancaster County thing.” 

"So they put those two together and pumped the sewer over into the River, uh, River Road, uh, Lancaster County thing."

Thus are the profound words of Mick Mulvaney.

Something doesn’t smell right about this. . .

It just keeps getting deeper and deeper . . .

I think it’s about to hit the fan . . .

 . . . . okay. . . okay. . . I’ll stop . . .

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