Heritage Hall

Heritage Hall

Ever heard of it? (How about Calvin Hall Subdivision?)

This was another Mick Mulvaney development that was going to usher Lancaster County into a new age of prosperity. (It didn't happen).

Mick Mulvaney put this one together while he was running for SC House -- and after he was elected. During that time, Mick Mulvaney was able to convince Lancaster County Council to rezone his property from 1.5 units per acre to 2.5 units per acre. Hey . . . it's hard to say no to your Representative, right?

This rezoning would allow Mick Mulvaney to build 133 units on the property instead of the 81 units it was zoned for.

County Council approved Mulvaney's request against the recommendation of its own planning staff. Hey - it's hard to tell your State Rep he can't have what he wants, right?

Mulvaney promised to pay Lancaster County $5,000 per unit during a closed door "work session."

Later, it was disclosed that Mulvaney did not actually own the property when he got it rezoned.

According to the Development Agreement, the first 30 units in this development are supposed to be completed (and the County is supposed to be paid $150,000 in fees for these units) by the end of 2008.

Think it's gonna happen? Not likely. Only 10 lots have been sold thusfar.

Heritage Hall Timeline

9-25-06 County Council Meeting -- Ordinance to Rezone – Silver Run Road and Calvin Hall Road - Tax Map 5, Parcel 78 – 54 acres of wooded land (n/k/a "Heritage Hall Subdivision") - tabled

* Mulvaney Homes applied to rezone this property from R15P (1.5 homes per acre) to R15 (2.5 homes per acre). Planning staff recommended against it since Council had only a year ago rezoned to R15P.
* County Council wanted the committee to meet with Mick Mulvaney before taking action on this request.

* Motion to table first reading - passed
10-2-06 County Council Meeting Ordinance #779 – first reading to Rezone Silver Run Road and Calvin Hall Road

* At the current zoning, Mulvaney Homes could build 81 units. At the R15 zoning, they could build 133 units.

* Rudy Carter advised that Mick Mulvaney had offered to give the county $5,000 per unit when building permits are issued.

* Passed unanimously
11-7-06 Mulvaney is elected to SC House

11-27-06 County Council Meeting - SPECIAL MEETING; Public Hearing re ordinance

* Density up to 120 units. The developer will pay $5,000 per unit. Ordinance #791 – Development Agreement

* Listed as 2nd reading authorizing Administrator to execute the development agreement - unanimous

12-4-06 County Council Meeting - SPECIAL MEETING

* Ordinance #779 - Mulvaney Homes Calvin Hall Development - third reading amending zoning to R15

* Ordinance #791 - Mulvaney Homes Calvin Hall Development - third reading approving the development agreement

* (Apparently, during this rezoning, Mulvaney properties did not actually own the land. It was disclosed in April 07 that Mulvaney properties only had a contract to purchase the land, and that the development agreement was contingent on such purchase).

2-16-07 Mulvaney actually closed on the property (Buyer = Calvin Hall Road, LLC). Purchased from Owsley Enterprises for $2,779,300.50 – Deed Book 381, Page 26.

4-2-07 County Council Meeting

* Resolution #555 - Changes to Heritage Hall Development Agreement to change the names of the parties to Heritage Hall, LLC. Passed unanimously.

* Ordinance #817 – first reading for development agreement for Heritage Hall subdivision. Unanimous.

10-24-07 Restrictions Recorded; Deed Reference: 430/68

12-12-07 Sold lot 120 to NVR Inc for $81,000 – Deed Reference: 439/56

3-14-08 Sold lots 102,103, and 109 to NVR Inc for $220,500 – Deed Reference: 455/63

4-11-08 Sold lots 100 and 104 to NVR Inc for $147,000 – Deed Reference: 459/176

6-12-08 Restrictive Covenants Recorded – Deed Reference: 469/228

6-26-08 Sold lot 107 to NVR Inc for $73,500 – Deed Reference: 471/348

7-18-08 Sold lot 99 to NVR Inc for $78,500 – Deed Reference: 475/130

7-25-08 Sold lot 101 to NVR Inc for $73,500 – Deed Reference: 476/233

9-12-08 Sold lot 55 to NVR Inc for $68,500 – Deed Reference: 484/23

12-31-08 According to the Development Agreement, Mulvaney is supposed to have completed the first 30 units by this date.

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